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All My Books Bundle

All my self-published ebooks so far (and updates for any future ones) for a bargain price.

The Silk Mind

Debut fantasy novella. Ashlin Smith is the supervisor of the Badger Survey, a pointless branch of the bureaucracy of the Regency of Atlar. He is bored and frustrated, and wants to quit his job. But before he leaves to become a blacksmith, he agrees to perform one last pointless task.

It turns out that his job is a lot more important and a lot more dangerous than he knew, when the Badger Survey become entangled in monsters, legends and political intrigue.


Miasma is a human colony world isolated from the rest of humanity's galactic expansion for generations. Permanently-clouded skies conceal its location, and communication is made difficult by the need to keep radio silence or suffer attack from the orbiting “kill moons”.

Communities get by, and adapt to these constraints to make a life for themselves. But not everyone is happy.

Lanton, the packet-runner, wants a mystery to solve. Emi, the librarian, doesn't exactly know what she wants, but she suspects it may not be allowed. Mokan, the inventor, an “unexpected child” wants answers, and due recognition, but would settle for love.

Mixtapes for my Friends, Duct-tape for my Enemies

An escape from danger through the frozen ruins of Amsterdam; an inconveniently worded wish, warfare both magical and informational, romantic crushes, demons, ghosts, and a lamentable lack of both cutlery and propriety.

A collection of thirteen short stories, including five brand-new ones, plus two preview chapters from the novels The Source of Fire and disOrder.

  • De Beer
  • Stash
  • Labels
  • Teaspoons
  • Kiss (50 words)
  • Reunion
  • Nothing Else is That Colour
  • Sample: prologue of The Source of Fire
  • The Rat Catcher in the Walls
  • Light and Shade
  • The Horror in the Snow
  • Get Down (poem)
  • No Rest
  • Petrov's Ghost
  • Nuesugi Station
  • The Line
  • Sample: chapter of disOrder

The Source of Fire

Sequel to The Silk Mind.

Jens Anders is ambitious, and reckless in his desire to make a name for himself by finding a wonder on the other side of the world and presenting it to the genius empress Celandine.

He takes along his long-suffering childhood friend, Alun, and hires a mysterious translator, Aena, who has her own reasons for coming on the voyage.

Silk and Sharp Edges

A collection of fifteen short stories. Murders and investigations, ghosts and monsters, all kinds of foolishness, lost chances, lost memories, and an extremely troublesome goat.

  • Bright Carver
  • Yet Here We Are
  • Under Sheil Croft
  • Pure
  • Ever Green
  • Forecast
  • Respite
  • After the Event
  • Roots and Bones
  • Gingerbread
  • Journal
  • Whickerton's Dictionary
  • The Folly
  • Old Maria
  • Silk and Sharp Edges

Horror and Weird

The Rat-Catcher in the Walls

A bit of gothic pastiche. A loyal servant keeps the castle of his masters free of monstrous vermin for generations, until the last true heir dies and the castle falls into the hands of an interloper: an illegitimate daughter who doesn't belong there.

Nuesugi Station

A vending machine on a remote railway station platform in Japan dispenses disturbing and macabre items.

No Rest

A woman tells how an invisible harbinger of death pursues her. She has found a way to stay ahead of it, and make a dangerous but lucrative living.

The Horror in the Snow

Three friends on a hunting trip spend the night in a cabin to wait out a blizzard. In the night, they begin to hear sounds under the floor.

Quicksilver Spirit

A young chemistry graduate sees a ghost in the house of a retired professor. Or does he? Whatever it is, maybe it's better to leave it alone.

Stories in Anthologies

Yet Here We Are

Letters of a bewildered financé.

Bright Carver

A girl creates something beautiful, knowing it will not be appreciated.

Under Shiel Croft

A woman struggles to escape her miserable childhood at Shiel Croft, but has to face horrors from much deeper in the past.

SF and Fantasy

Whickerton's Dictionary

Ball lighting strikes the home of a busy scholar, leaving no mark except bizarre and unsettling changes to one book.


A lighthouse keeper prepares to keep the light on through an arcane storm.


500 word flash fiction. Karen is organising a party, and hopes that the randomly-mislabelled goods she has bought will provide a quirky theme and something to talk about. However, of course it's not that simple.

Fanfic and Romantic


Joint winner of Movellas' Historical Fiction competition. It's a The Count of Monte Cristo fan-fic following one of my favourite dysfunctional families: Eugénie Danglars and her horrible father.

Nothing Else is That Colour

A bittersweet little story about a difficult relationship.

Bright Carver

(see anthologies, above) Obviously this is Gormenghast fanfic, but not pitched as that when I sold it :)


500 word flash Austen pastiche. A family have economic problems that can only be solved by favourable marriage.

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